Box – Calacatta Pendent
Box – Calacatta Pendent
Box – Calacatta Pendent
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    Box – Calacatta Pendent

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    Real marble jewel made entirely by hand by Tiziana Guerra. A small sculpture and a unique piece that change with a movement of light, sometimes revealing a different beauty than you had thought of, because sculpture changes with the light and with the point from which it is observed.

    The raw material comes from the scraps from the art workshops in the Carrara area.


    This one is made of Calacatta marble, of Apuan origin and is extracted in the Carrara mountains, as well as in Versilia and Garfagnana. It is a fine-grained marble, with a white background and soft veins ranging from light yellow to grey, up to black or purple in some cases. Thanks to its absolute compactness and hardness, it is ideal for any design work. It also lends itself well to various finishes, from polishing to flaming.

    Size: length 6.5cm