MBFI was born with the union of two creative minds, two friends who decided to give life to an idea: In the space of a  box, bring fun and communicate the varied beauty of Italy. 

What is My box from Italy? 

MBFI is a journey through Italy to discover its history, local customs and traditions, gastronomic and cultural plurality.  A journey that will take place in stages, each box will tell a small journey - a metaphorical stage - to discover Italian  cities, small villages, places of naturalistic interest but also less touristy realities of our country, where the customer  will be guide to the discovery of the traditions, flavors and stories of the locals. The vision with which MBFI has developed its activities and consequently its identity has its roots in the desire to  make Italy known from the inside and in a truly tangible way, through handicrafts and the story of the local context  from which those objects are chosen and, like images of a story that materialize in front of our virtual traveler, they  bring the costumer into the story we are telling, making the costumer participate in the journey in a way that is no  longer so virtual, directly from the living room at their home. Exclusivity and uniqueness are part of the values on which we decided to build our project, based on the selection of  something authentically “local made". These values, together with the ethics and reliability that we will strive to  transmit, help us to bring a pleasant experience of Italy directly to the home of those who receive the box. We want to  inspire curious people, giving them the opportunity to live an Italian experience. At each season and with each box we  will delight and unveil a selection of products from our country.