What is My box from Italy?

MBFI was born to make an idea come true:
Each box brings fun and conveys Italy's varied beauty, giving shape to your gifts for every occasion.


The vision of MBFI has its roots in the desire to make Italy known from the inside and in a truly tangible way, through handicrafts and the story of the local context from which those objects are chosen and, like images of a story that materialize in front of you, bringing you into the story we are telling and making you participate in the journey in a way that is no longer so virtual, directly from the living room at your home.

Exclusivity and uniqueness are part of the values on which this project is built, based on the selection of something authentically “locally made."


When to choose My Box from Italy?


Any occasion is the right one to make a gift, and our boxes are perfect for making happy the person you've decided to surprise.

If you are looking for a gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, a personal thank you, or a set of prizes for the top finishers in a competition, you will always find the right solution with MBFI.

MBFI offers an original choice for your gifts at corporate parties, conventions, weddings, retirement parties, and any other event where you want to leave a mark on your guests' memories.

Take a look at our MBFI for Events page and write to us for information, we will find the best solution together to make your event even more special.

Instead, in our Emporium, you will discover the gift boxes we have created for you. We offer themed combinations of objects created by various craftspeople, as well as small boxes dedicated to a particular craftsperson.

Everything is made in Italy, everything is handmade. Chosen and packaged with love and care by My Box from Italy for you.