Tailored Boxes For Events

Here you will find the solution for your special gifts for corporate parties, business partner giveaways, retirement parties, birthdays, gifts for your wedding guests, important anniversaries, and receptions.

++++ These box sets are an exclusive gift. The attention to every aspect of the box creation, from the packaging to the handmade objects selected from one of the craftspeople working with My Box from Italy, makes these tailored gifts a memorable experience for the recipient.

To devote proper care to each order, My Box from Italy accepts a limited number of requests. The minimum order for My Box From Italy for Events is 15 gift boxes. Use the form below to request the information you need.

 *The price varies depending on the handcrafted piece chosen and the personalization of the box. Every event is unique and with My Box from Italy, you can find the right solution to make your gifts original, handmade in Italy, and unforgettable.

Gift boxes
20 to 40 € per gift box

Pochette-shaped paper box or box with lid
A handcrafted object with its own history

Important gift boxes
40 to 60 € per gift box

Pochette-shaped paper box or box with lid
An object with its own history
Possibility to personalize with biscuits, confectionery, and/or chocolate.

Doubts? Need for advice? Or are you a craftsperson interested in the project?
Contact me. It will be a pleasure for me to have a little chat and be able to help you.