Create memories, sensations and feelings through My Box From Italy. 



My box from Italy unifies our values, including ethics, creativity, exclusivity, reliability and trust. These values allow us  to bring the delightful experience of Italy to your home. We want to bring inspiration for curious people around the  world, giving them the chance to live the Italian experience!  

With every box, we delight in reveling a new selection of handpicked objects produced by locals artisans. 


During a particular time of our lives we went on a short journey together which renewed and strengthened our  friendship. That trip gave us the inspiration to plan other trips, in that period of change we both wanted and needed  to explore. 

It was the end of February 2020, but strange things began to happen, the pandemic was starting. Thus our desire for exploration, the travel projects together have stopped.

The whole world was stuck in a limbo of uncertainty that made it impossible to plan life beyond a few days.
So we started traveling in the only way possible: with imagination, and starting with an idea, adding the desire to
travel with our passions, without letting go of laughter and chatter, in a back and forth made of enthusiasm we
decided to give life to a project that as a purpose wants to give the opportunity to get to know Italy by touching it
even from home.

A tour guide, in love with Florence, indeed with Italy, I consider myself a citizen of the world! I love art, history, books, music, food and wine are very important to me !, and a way of getting to know a country, a city and even a culture. I love being surrounded by people with positive energy, I love cooking for the people I love. Discovering secret corners of my city, it could be a bar, a restaurant, or a shop is always an incredible discovery for  me. 

I love flea markets and laughing until my stomach hurts. 

I am a woman with a thousand dreams, and every day I wake up with the firm belief that I will reach everyone. I will be happy to choose each item with care and love with Elena for you! 

As a girl I studied art, human geography and anthropology at the university. Growing up, I was hit by projects that saw  me inserted within the family business. My fate was already decided. After ten years spent in the family business, the  last 5 spent creating a structure for the management of Human Resources, I decided to quit my job to take a new path, my path. The decision was painful, abandoning a growing path made of security for the unknown required a lot
of courage, but I felt I had to find myself again because that life no longer reflected me. I am passionate about the social processes that affect the organization of the territory and the cultural differences and
similarities between human groups, of which Italy is incredibly rich.
I have in common with Dina an interest in art, a passion for travel and for good food and wine. I love walking, I could do it all day, exploring a city or trekking surrounded by nature.
For this reason, when one day in March 2020 Dina called me to get involved in the realization of this project, I ... well, I gladly accepted to share and develop it with her and I am convinced that this project will lead us to discover and get to
know the beautiful country we are lucky to live in even better.