A gift box containing a selection of objects handmade in Italy selected from the most authentic craft workshops to represent Italy and convey the beauty and variety of Italian culture. My Box From Italy shares the stories of these craftsmen's activities to support them and introduce them to an international audience.

The pieces selected for each box are of high quality, strictly made in Italy, and specifically chosen to make you enjoy a piece of Italy right at home.



Choose your Box. You can order the Box you prefer from the Emporium Shop, otherwise choosing NEXT SURPRISE BOX you will receive the limited-edition Surprise Box that will be released in the next quarter. By choosing PREVIOUS SURPRISE BOX, if there are any Boxes left, you will receive the last Surprise Box released. You can see the contents of the Previous Box by clicking on the link on the button.

If you chose NEXT SURPRISE BOX, it would be the Box currently offered. For example, you can order each Box from the following dates: 

April Box available order dates December 1 - March 30

August Box available order dates April 1 - July 31 

December Box available order dates August 1 - November 30



For the Surprise Box, we ship every four (4) months. This schedule allows us the time needed to find and procure the best Italian crafts for you and your home. 

We ship My Box From Italy surprise boxes in the first week of April, August, and December. We work with our shippers to have your boxes to you by mid-month, but please be aware that shipping times do vary, especially when shipping to a different country.

If you have ordered from the Emporium online store, your order will ship no later than the first Monday of the following week. Again, please remember that the objects we offer are handcrafted, and we must occasionally wait for the artisan to finish their work before we can ship out your requests. In this case, you will receive an email with all the information.

Our shipping partners work hard to help us get our Boxes from our door to yours. Though My Box From Italy and our shipping partners will do our utmost best to have your purchases to you promptly, unexpected events do occur. (Please read further down if you haven’t received your Box in the time you feel it should have been delivered.)



Let us start by reiterating that we handpick the objects in the boxes after learning about the artisans that make the objects. We choose to work with artisans and craftsmen who have learned and honed their skills over years or generations. We spend time ensuring we have picked the right artisan and object to represent them, their craft, My Box From Italy, and Italy itself. We do not choose objects imported from other countries or ones that are cheaply made. Our passion is to provide you, our customer, with the finest representation of Italy that we can find.

The retail value for each Surprise Box will vary slightly, but each Box has a high value, and many items are made exclusively by a particular artisan. Often the objects are created for a specific reason or with specific details in mind and would be impossible to buy individually or from another location.

My Box From Italy and the Emporium Shop reserve the right to change the pricing for Boxes at any time. For example, this may occur because one of our artisans was required to change their pricing.



My Box From Italy is constantly looking for the most efficient and time-effective way to ship your items to you without sacrificing customer care.

If you are a US customer, My Box From Italy will handle the customs, duties, and most taxes. Due to some state laws and peculiarities, you may be responsible for sales tax in your state. This is not something we can pay in advance, and we cannot refund you the cost of state tax.

In Europe, we cover shipping costs but be advised that you may be responsible for customs or duties that will need to be paid before your carrier will release your shipment to you. We cannot refund you the cost of these duties for customs release.

If you live in the United Kingdom, there will be an amount due for customs fees before your carrier will release your shipment. The shipper will contact you with the amount to be paid before delivery.

In Canada, due to Canadian laws and regulations concerning imported items, we are unable to cover duties or taxes. You will need to pay for both before you can receive your items.



Shipment is included for the Surprise Box, as well as all taxes and customs unless otherwise specified in the previous paragraph.

A signature will be required upon delivery. This is for your protection, as well as ours.

For Emporium products, shipping charges are calculated at checkout.


We can't tell you what's in the Surprise Box! Well, we could, but that would spoil the surprise. Just remember that each box is cared for with Italy and our customers in mind. We spend a lot of time making sure that we can offer you, our customers, the best of Italian craftsmanship.

Each Surprise Box contains 6-8 different articles of various sizes. Each box is unique. This means that we will not duplicate a box. Every piece we picked is made in Italy by craftspeople who have spent years, or generations, honing their skills.

Only a certain number of boxes are available. This is because craftspeople need time to make the objects and can only produce a limited number based on their characteristics. It is impossible to ask them to rush the work for higher output when each piece is handcrafted with love. Hence, each Box is no longer available once it is sold out and will not be reissued.


Since most of our customers are from other countries, we cannot offer returns. If you feel there is a problem with your order, please contact us at info@myboxfromitaly.com


If you need to change your delivery address, please send an email to info@myboxfromitaly.com 

If you have already ordered the upcoming box, an email is the quickest way to ensure we are sending your Box to the correct address. Please see the section titled SHIPPING, which outlines when we make shipments. We can only make address changes before a shipment has been processed.



Occasionally, credit card companies have alerts set up to flag suspicious activity. Since our headquarters are in Italy, your card may be marked for protection. To have My Box From Italy approve your payment in a situation where your payment was declined, call your credit card company to let them know that the charge is not fraudulent. At that point, you will likely have to place your order again. Please note that there is nothing My Box From Italy can do to force a credit card transaction. The problem must be handled on the customers' side, with their bank or credit card company.



We ship our surprise boxes in the first week of April, August, and December. We work with our couriers to deliver your boxes to you by mid-month, but please, keep in mind that shipping times vary, especially when shipping to a different country

If you ordered from our Emporium, your order will be shipped no later than the first Monday of the following week. Again, remember that the objects we offer are handmade and sometimes we have to wait for the craftspeople to finish their work before we can send out your requests. In this case, you will receive an email with all the details

My Box From Italy hopes that all shipments will arrive by the middle of the month in which they are shipped. However, shipping times vary due to various factors beyond our control, including weather, customs, mail strikes, etc.

After shipping your order, we will send you an email with a tracking number.




We send our boxes from Italy to Canada, the United States, and most European countries. We can ship to the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.


Keep in mind that some shipments take longer to reach their destination.

If you do not receive your order within one month, you have fifteen days to notify us by email at info@myboxfromitaly.com.

If you get your Box with visible damage on the package's exterior that you fear may affect the contents of your Box, we recommend that you decline delivery. If you reject the delivery, we will be notified by our courier company. We strongly encourage you to inform us immediately by email that you have declined delivery and the reason for the rejection. If you can take pictures of the damage when you reject the delivery, please send them to us so that we can find out how your package was damaged. info@myboxfromitaly.com

If there is a delivery problem, you will need to talk to your local shipping office. We will send you the tracking number and other relevant information via WhatsApp and/or email when your order is shipped. Use these details to help your courier track your order. Regrettably, there is nothing My Box From Italy can do after your Box has been picked up by our shipping partner and has left our area.

If there is a problem not covered by this information, please contact us at info@myboxfromitaly.com


You are charged at the time of your order. Please note we ship My Box From Italy Surprise Boxes in April, August, and December. Therefore the cutoff date for ordering a Box is the last day of the month before shipping. 

April Box available order dates December 1 - March 30

August Box available order dates April 1 - July 31 

December Box available order dates August 1 - November 30

Also, please be aware that each Box has a limited supply. Once they are sold out, they are gone, and the Boxes will not be repeated, so get your order in early.


At the moment, we cannot include special notes or instructions for the shipping company.


Italy is known for pasta, pizza, wine, and its beautiful landscapes. It is also known for its rich history and as the birthplace of the renaissance. Being an artistically lively country, that appreciated art much as a finely made frock, piece of furniture, or dining set, there is much to explore in the craftsmanship that continues today. One can wander down any back alley or street to find people creating their wares, food, and drink in the same traditions that have been followed for hundreds of years. My Box From Italy carefully chooses each artisan and craftsman to represent tradition, history, and Italy.

Therefore inside each Box, you will find the love and dedication of generations represented in the objects curated for your enjoyment.