I want to bring inspiration to curious people around the world, giving them the chance to live the Italian experience..

How It all started

I went on a short journey with a friend during a particular time in my life. Starting with an idea, adding the desire to travel with our passions, without letting go of laughter and chatter, in a back and forth made of enthusiasm we decided to give life to a project that as a purpose wants to give people the chance to get to know Italy by touching it even from home.
In 2022, in just a few months, My Box from Italy was born as the world was slowly going back to normal after the onset of the pandemic. After a while, my dear friend also decided to return to her projects while I... chose to follow this new path.
I let myself be carried away by the beauty of the handmade objects, and the stories of the artists who make them and every day have the courage and passion to carry on their work. I resolved to try to develop My Box from Italy into something more than a surprise gift box.
The stories told through My Box from Italy give people the chance to discover Italy from the inside and in a truly "tangible" way, through the objects of craftsmanship and the telling of the local context out of which I picked these objects.


As a girl, I studied art, human geography, and cultural anthropology at the university.

Growing up, I got involved in projects that saw me joining the family business.

My destiny had already been written. After ten years spent working in the family business, the last five spent creating an HR management structure, I decided to quit my job and take a new path, my path.

It was a painful decision; leaving an ascending path made of security to embrace the unknown took me a lot of courage, but I felt that I had to find myself again because that life no longer reflected me.

I am passionate about the social processes that affect the way land is used and the cultural similarities and differences between human groups of which Italy is incredibly abundant. I am interested in art, I enjoy traveling and trying new food, and I love walking so much that I could do it all day, exploring a city or plunging into nature.

With My Box from Italy, I put my passions to work to ferret out and deliver to you the best of handmade Italy, wherever you are.