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Unveiling the Box

Unveiling the Box "Mirabilia"

There is no way to explore the world without leaving home. How can we try to escape the everyday life to try to savor the intense feeling that, actually, only a trip can give us?
How can we know the beauty out there just by reading about it in a magazine…?
Today, I am happy to present Surprise Box No. 5.
When I put this box together, I curated a collection of objects that could tell the story of the Marche region, objects that caught my eye because of their uniqueness and history.
Discover Mirabilia's surprises.
sopra August 08, 2023
Mirabilia’s Sites

Mirabilia’s Sites

In My Box from Italy, our craftspeople are the soul of the project.
We choose every artist carefully, making sure they represent Italian art and culture. Each and every item selected for the Boxes must bring you a piece of Italy to let you savor the beauty of this Country. Today, however, I would like to start by briefly introducing the area where I went in search of arts and crafts that could represent the Italian region of the Marche.
sopra July 02, 2023
Simone Taddei's leather workshop

A century-old tradition

The intent of My Box from Italy is to tell the story of Italy in a tangible way, through the works of craftspeople who hold within them not only the story of an art but also the story of a territory.
Today, I would like to tell you about a workshop that embodies one of the most well-known and representative arts in the Florentine context, the Art of Leatherworking.
sopra May 31, 2023
Box n. 4 (the first Box of 2023)

Box n. 4 (the first Box of 2023)

Got a minute to stop?
Let me introduce the theme of this year's first Surprise Box.
Time is a fundamental dimension of everyday life. We cannot see it or touch it but we can unequivocally sense its passage and adapt our behavior accordingly.
What's sure is that it has always been inexorably passing for everyone, and for this very simple reason, it is necessary to try not to waste it on anything in the world, doing, for example, things that do not fulfill us, that do not return any value to our lives.
sopra March 03, 2023
Nadia Caselli, La Tessenda (The Weaver)

Nadia Caselli, La Tessenda (The Weaver)

At My Box from Italy, our artisans are the soul of our company.
We choose each artist carefully, ensuring they represent the arts and culture of Italy. Every single item selected for the Boxes has to bring a piece of Italy to you to make you enjoy the beauty of this country.
sopra February 18, 2023
handmade in Italy mosaic

Art in little pieces!

  Ciao and Buongiorno As Italy moves into the heart of fall, at My Box From Italy, we continue our preparations for the perfect December Box to surprise and delight you with treasures from different artisans. We spend a lot of time finding great artisans to add to the Boxes...
sopra October 28, 2022