sopra February 23, 2022

Ciao a tutti and Benvenuti!
With a glass of wine and some pecorino on the table, we were talking about this project with Elena, the question that we were thinking about was: “should we explain to our possible customers how the idea of MY BOX FROM ITALY was born?” 
Well, the answer after a couple of bicchieri di vino (glasses of wine) was YES, ABSOLUTELY, so our first blog will be dedicated to us, my box from Italy, and how this adventure began. 
We will have to travel in time, so I will ask you to join us with some wine (a Bolgheri will be great, my favorite), be ready to read about friendship, travel, a world pandemic, inspiration, and positive thinking. 
We met with Elena in 2012, it was friendship at first sight! She was able to enter in my life in such a calm and easy way, as we say in Italy "on tiptoe" light but sure to stay, we became friends immediately, our relationship was so light but strong at the same time that there was no need to hear from each other every day, but every time we shared a glass of wine it was as if time had not passed.
Yes, our friendship is like in the movies, where you understand each other with a smile.  
A wine chat to fix the world, loads you, and sends you directly to the moon, and you feel capable of doing everything, that is exactly how our friendship has been.
Destiny wanted me to plan a trip to Paris (with another friend), but the universe had some surprises waiting for us, I found myself almost canceling the trip, it was February 2020, on the one hand there was the beginning of the WORLD Pandemic, on the other hand, my traveling companion had to cancel me due to family emergencies.
So, imagine, everything I had already planned, I saw it go away together with my desire to return to Paris! I never forget the moment when I was on the tram and I thought about Elena, my thought was: YES, IT IS COMING! It took 2 phone calls and 5 minutes to get a YES, she would be my adventure companion, AND WHAT AN ADVENTURE!
We made beautiful 5 days adventure, full of wine, food, art, history, laughter, unforgettable moments, shopping, but above all our relatioship in 5 days became even closer, realizing that we were entering the next phase of our friendship, the one that it makes you feel confident that the person next to you will stay forever.
What can I say, back in Italy we found ourselves truly in the middle of the pandemic, the lockdown, the lack of work, and a lot of free time together with other inspirations, led me to think in a box, which would make people feel, a little taste of what is Italy.
A zoom call was enough and 5 minutes later I found my partner in front of the screen!
Slowly, with so many doubts, uncertainties, and fears, we began to give shape to what we now call MY BOX FROM ITALY, a box that travels from Italy to your home, with small samples of our craftsmanship, our flavors, colors, and fragrances inside.
 But inside this box you will find something more, we have chosen each item with care, thinking not only of you, but also of us, what we like, represent us, and inspire us.
Think of us, as your friends, that with every box we are sending to you, different items, hand-pick for you to enjoy. 
We hope that MY BOX FROM ITALY, will make you dream, appreciate, and why not? Share with your friends a piece of this amazing country. 
A presto 
Elena e Dina

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