Unveiling the Box "Buon Natale"

sopra December 04, 2022

Today, we are very happy to share our Box n°3 reveal!
This time of the year, we’re all feeling the need to treat ourselves and this is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a special gift.
Receiving gifts, whether from ourselves or someone else, makes us feel good, even better when the gift is about a culture and a place in the world that we love, like Italy!
So what’s better than a selection of Italian artisanship for you and your home? 
We’ve curated a collection of luxurious handmade items that will allow you to share a little bit of Italy this Christmas. Our “Buon Natale Box” is all about handmade Italian goodies that tell Italian stories of people with passion for their crafts.

Christmas tree ornament 
 Christmas tree ornaments. - Carlo Cecchi di Giuliano Ricchi
Probably you already know Giuliano, The Man Who Whispers To Metal (read the article about him in the News section). For the Buon Natale Box, we chose a pair of Christmas tree ornaments, they are gold or silver plated and are made with the lost wax technique.
Bread holder woven and sewn by hand. 
 Porta pane (bread basket) - La Tessenda di Nadia Caselli
An artisan weaver, that creates her work on a horizontal wooden loom. We picked a Bread Basket, woven and sewn by hand with red and white checkerd pattern from Lucca. The Bread Basket are slightly different from each other in size because they are made entirely by hand. Nadia used two types of fabric to create them, one woven with linen thread and the other, with a slightly lighter red tone, woven with linen and cotton threads.

 Nesti Dante natural soap.
 Soap -  Nesti Dante
What makes the difference of Nesti Soaps toward the majority of the soaps present on the market is the wonderful pack design and the excellent quality of the product itself.
Nesti produces his own soap's noodles starting from premium "entire" oils (not... fatty acids), which are the same used to produce pasta, cookies, chocolate, etc... Boiling these raw materials in big cauldrons with the traditional method of saponification for 4 days, to obtain a perfect soap base, free from impurities.
Today, the Nesti Dante factory is one of the most highly regarded facilities in Europe for the manufacturing of soap using the method of soap production with the water boiler. The company is produly run by the second and third generation of the Nesti family who established the company motto:

"We work not to be the biggest, but to be the best"
Tray with coffee cups by Sbigoli Terrecotte 
 Tray with coffee cups. - Sbigoli Terrecotte
We were happy to include a typical Italian style coffee set!
From Sbigoli Terrecotte we chose these two coffee cups with their Tray, they were exclusively created for our Boxes. Each cup is made by hand and engraved with a simple but traditional design, the same as the butter dish we chose for the Taste of Florence Box so you can create your collection. It is this touch that makes your collection unique and unlike any other.
Christmas Cards by Alberto Cozzi
 Christmas Cards. - Alberto Cozzi
We picked for you these handmade beautiful couple of Christmas notecards with classic illustrations of Babbo Natale in different versions. These Cards are created using the process of a Pietra (at stone), a painstaking technique that requires each color to be added individually (read the article "Art on paper" about the Cozzi family in our News section).
Sending a Christmas Card written by hand has a special meaning and these Cards are the chicest way to leave a note for a loved one or colleague, or attach it to a gift for Christmas!
Christmas tree mosaic
Christmas Tree Mosaic. - Bottega di Mosaico/ Art Lab 
With extreme patience, precision and dedication Elena from Bottega di Mosaico did these original and unique ornaments (read the article about Bottega di Mosaico "Art in little pieces" in our News section to know more about her bottega).
Sweet Pistacchio and Hazelnut creams.
 Sweet Creams from Sicily. - Dolci Sapori
We have included in the Boxes a delicious couple of sweet creams. Made with excellent quality, these Pistacchio and Hazelnut creams will blow your mind. Add a spoon to gelato or on the top of warm bread!
We hope you enjoy the beautiful gifts for this December edition!
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