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With Elena we decided that working as a tour guide and living in the amazing city of Florence, we had to start this adventure with The Taste of Florence box.

Inspired by the love for Florentine handcrafted tradition we research and handpick prestigious products made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen.

We want to share with you the history behind this objects:

Nesti Dante

After the second world war the young Dante had an accident with his bicycle and his knees were dirty with grease and soda. He cleaned his wounds and he tried every day all day long to create a piece of soap that after trying several times he was able to have a piece of white soap.

The demand for soap increased after he made his friends' family try it, soon he was already with a solid company.

The motto of the company is:

"We will always work not to be the greatest but to be the best"

All the production of Nesti Dante Natural Soaps is made with full respect for the environment.
Completely natural, 100% biodegradable and MADE IN ITALY.

We pick for you the sense of FIRENZE 

Massimo Nardi

The company was founded in 1952 by his father, a former employee of Gherardini (Gherardini is one of the most prestigious brands of the Made in Italy style.)

Over the years Massimo has learned all the processing techniques of typical Florentine craftsmanship of leather from his father.
Massimo took over the company at the beginning of the 90's, he was able to continue until 2017 and at the end of 2017 working by himself he decided he was going to work just a couple of pieces a year, working with the customers who appreciate his work.

We pick for you: the SVUOTATASCHE, every time you will cross the door of your home you are going to be able to put all the small things you have in your pockets in this amazing “empty pochet”

Ceramica sbigoli


Sbigoli terrecotte was founded in 1857 by the Sbigoli family and carried on by the Adami family, specializing in the production of table and furnishing ceramics.

In the 1970s, Valentino Adami and Antonella Chini Adami, began making the production of majolica, baking and decorating their ceramics by hand.

Like any self-respecting family business, the passion and art for ceramics could only be genetically transmitted to the daughters that now work at SBIGOLLI Lorenza, Master Craftsman, has specialized in the decoration of ceramics, replicating the ancient drawings of the family, the historical drawings of the Florentine artistic tradition and always creating new original motifs.

Today the Sbigoli Terrecotte workshop is known not only for the experience and quality of the products, but also for the variety of production. All the ceramics, entirely made and decorated by hand, vary from table services complete with all accessories to fire pottery and furnishing objects such as wall plates, lamps, flower vases, plates. , panels and tiles.

The table and furnishing ceramics follow the Tuscan artisan tradition of majolica, or glazed terracotta with medieval and Renaissance decorations, but with more modern influences.

Sbigoli Terrecotte today is an ancient artisan shop, a Florentine excellence anchored to traditions, but always looking for new inspirations.

We pick for you: a Burriera (butter dish) that you can use to keep your butter fresh!

Alberto Cozzi

The founder Alberto bound books, Sons and grandchildren have continued this ancient art, passing on the passion from generation to generation and expanding the Today, they also create incredible pieces with a rare process of marbled paper.

The work itself is time-consuming and meticulous. But the results are truly satisfying, They have many loyal clients because they see the passion in their work, and that is reflected in the finished product.

We pick for you: handmade marble paper for letters, and write a special note for a loved one.

Giuliano Ricchi / Carlo Cecchi

the craftsman who engraves metal according to ancient tradition,
Giuliano owns various machinery that can be dated to the early 1900s, Giuliano works and engraves metal, giving birth to magnificent decorations and pieces of costume handcrafted jewelry.

When did this passion begin? Giuliano entered the world of goldsmithing in the 1960s, he entered Carlo Cecchi's studio and decided to learn that amazing handcrafts as an apprentice.

At a certain point he inherited the business, which he still carries with the support and dedication of his lovely wife Maria.

He works with technique of "lost wax" bronze casting, have you seen the Medusa in Piazza della Signoria by Benvenuto Cellini? Was made with that technique.

Giuliano creates wax models, which he later transforms into molds, where the molten metal is poured, creating wonderful objects.
They will then be immersed in a gold or silver bath and finished patiently by hand.
Highest quality and world famous

We have picked for you the PORTATOVAGLIOLI (NAPKIN HOLDER) So you can embellish your table on special occasions or why not every day!

L’arte dell’olivo 

Handcrafted with professionalism and passion unique and particular objects in olive wood, production of excellent quality and attention to details.
Thanks to a good wealth of experience and artisan professionalism behind it, the company "L'arte dell 'Olivo" combines the use of traditional woodworking equipment and modern and versatile machinery capable of realizing any idea and project.

The choice of material, seasoning, processing, finishing and assembly phases made these pieces unique.

They work with passion and they believe that the secret of their success lies precisely in being able to pass to their customers the love for the handcrafted objects.

We have pick for you a POGGIA MESTOLO (SPOON REST)
So every time you cook your “pomarola” you can keep your kitchen clean and think about Florence.

We hope you enjoy every handcrafted object as we enjoyed handpicking them for you.

Dina and Elena

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by Christine on August 06, 2022

Lovely assortment of useful and beautiful quality items, each with a wonderful story of how they were made. A bit of Tuscany in the home is a good thing!


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