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Unveiling the Box

Unveiling the Box "Dreams and Chimeras"

This Box brings you a slice of Siena, "city of Dreams and Chimeras" as it is sung in an ancient Sienese stornello and a city with a distinctive medieval spirit.

 As you might know, the Chimera is a fantastic monster from Eastern mythology, later absorbed into Greek mythology, according to which it had three heads, one of a lion, one of a goat and one of a snake, which spewed flames. He also had other depictions, but this is the most common. The Chimera has become a symbol of illusions, strange ambitions, risky fantasies, unrealizable and dangerous dreams. So here is my wish for us all:

Don't let your dreams turn into chimeras.


I wish you all the joy of the season.

on December 12, 2023
Box No. 6  Dreams & Chimeras

Box No. 6 Dreams & Chimeras


Let me introduce the theme of this year's last Surprise Box. 

While creating Surprise Box number 6 my feelings were mixed. Excited to show a place that now belongs to my everyday life but not entirely convinced of using a Surprise Box to make you part of this journey with My Box From Italy.
I knew that I wanted to dedicate Box No. 6 to Siena and the surrounding area. Siena, born with the Etruscan Empire, evolved with the Roman Empire to reach the peak of its splendor in the Middle Ages.
Along with this, however, my thoughts often turned to the fate of this project. “A dream” on which I have worked hard and by my self for the last two years, with the intention of proposing a new way of discovering Italy, through the arts and craftsmanship which over time have shaped the territory and in turn they allow themselves to be influenced by it. An ambitious project, a dream indeed, or perhaps a Chimera?
on December 02, 2023