My tuscan kitchen (August box)

on July 16, 2022

Ciao from Firenze!,  we are preparing the next box, we had an aperitivo with Elena to decide the name of the box. MY TUSCAN KITCHEN! WE LOVE IT. 

Food is love. 

Food gathers friends and family. 

Food is comfort. 

Food pampers yourself. 

Food makes us travel in the past or the future. 

Food makes us understand and know a culture.

And if is made in a Tuscan kitchen is even better!, 

We have seen so many movies with a big TUSCAN KITCHEN and a big garden in the countryside where friends and family gather together for a special dinner, Sunday lunch or celebration…Actually any reason is good to have a glass of wine and pasta right?  

we have a Tuscan kitchen ( small, we dream with ONE LIKE THE VILLA STYLE, DREAM IS FOR FREE RIGHT? ) but it is our Tuscan kitchen, personalized with items that we use when we cook. 

I have to be honest, I don’t like to cook I love to EAT, but cooking is not one of my favorite things so I married a man that loves to cook! (that Is one of the reasons why I married him) but when I grab my apron and my utensils for cooking is because the persons I will cook for are INCREDIBLE SPECIAL. I want everything hand made! 

See cooking is a symbol of love! When I have friends coming over I like to prepare everything at the minimum detail, the recipes, the wine, the table, the amaro absolutely everything has to remember them that I LOVE THEM.   And for that I  need the right cooking tools and accessories.

Like I confess before I don’t like to cook, and besides that right now turning on the oven is almost impossible, it is summer and our home will be so hot like we say IN UN BALENO!  

So how do I make things easy?  My husband buys a fresh mozzarella that travels from Napoli, and cut it in slides, I cut some tomatoes and I put them in a different plate then I put olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar to the tomatoes and BUON APPETITO! 


But what I really love is walking through the streets of Firenze and the countryside with Elena, we hand pick some artisanal objects that will make your kitchen more special and more Tuscan. 

When you receive the August box, remember to invite your friends for dinner so you can gather around food and enjoy LA VITA BELLA! 




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