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on November 05, 2022


At My Box From Italy, we continue our preparations for the perfect December Box to surprise and delight you with treasures from different artisans.

We spend a lot of time finding great artisans to add to the Boxes we send, and during that time, we get to know them and become friends with them, so my goal in this article and future articles is to share some of the artists with you, our clients, and tell you their stories.

At My Box From Italy, our artisans are the soul of our company

We choose each artist carefully, ensuring they represent the best Italy can offer. Every single item selected for the Boxes has to bring joy to you; this is one of the most important things to us. 

Today, I want to introduce you our important artisan, the Alberto Cozzi family.


Like many of the artisans we choose, they have years of experience working with their hands. They use the same technique as their forefathers, sharing secrets from one generation to the next. 

Working with people who share the same core values as we do makes it extremely special to add a piece of their hearts into our Boxes.

In 1908 Alberto Cozzi and his wife, Nella, opened their bottega and The Cozzi family in Florence. Since then, they have continuously worked in the craft of bookbinding and restoration, as well as marbling paper and other beautiful things that can be imagined when working with paper. 

We love visiting them; when we open their door, we immediately feel the warm welcome. The call of “Ciao” echoes across the bottega, followed by huge smiles from them all! 

They listen carefully to what we are searching for and always come up with a perfect solution. 


They patiently explain to us the techniques used, how the colors are added, and the time it takes to create just one stunning piece of paper. Every detail of each piece of paper is important and can not be mass-produced, making it incredibly priceless. No two pieces will ever be the exact same. Knowing that makes us treasure every item we choose from their shop. And, believe us, it is really hard to pick; there are so many colors and textures and so many reasons to pick this piece over that piece... but maybe, we should choose the first one, or should we get this one. It is an ongoing conversation every time we visit. Ultimately, we always choose what we think our clients will love.

We are excited to have a special piece of the Cozzy family art to add to our December Box.

Please remember that our Boxes are limited in supply, so order yours before they are all gone

Don’t miss the December Box, remember they are limited edition!


A subscription Box containing beautiful, handmade objects chosen for you by Us, the items are of high quality, made in Italy, and chosen specifically so that you can enjoy a piece of Italy in your own home.

Each Box contains 6-8 different full-sized items. Each Box is unique. This means we will not repeat a Box. Every item we chose is made in Italy by craftsmen that have spent years, or generations, honing their skills.

There are a set number of Boxes available. This is because artisans make the objects in each Box with years, if not generations, of experience in their craft. It is impossible to ask them to hurry their craft for a larger output when each piece is made lovingly by hand. Therefore, each Box is no longer available once sold out and will not be repeated.

You can choose to order an individual Box or a one-year subscription, which consists of three (3) Boxes throughout the year.


Dina and Elena


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