What is my box from Italy?

Agift box containing a selection of objects handmade in Italy selected from the most authentic craft workshops to represent Italy and convey the beauty and variety of Italian culture. My Box From Italy shares the stories of these craftsmen's activities to support them and introduce them to an international audience.With each box, we invite you to explore the culture of Italy from the comfort of your own home.



How does this box work?

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NEXT SURPRISE BOX: you will receive the limited-edition Surprise Box that is about to come out that quarter.
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For the Surprise Box, we decided to ship every 4 months, so we have enough time to create each box specially for you. The months that you will receive the box are April August and December. Otherwise, we ship weekly!


We dedicate time and effort to creating a truly unique Box of high value. Just enjoy some of the best products chosen for you!

Why should you get it?

  • You will receive particular and authentic Italian artisanship hand picked for you.
  • You will have fun discovering the different surprise selections carefully chosen for each box!
  • Stay with us to get to know Italy and Italian culture.
  • The perfect Italian gift to share among your family and friends.


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Are You Looking For Authentic Italian Handcraft But Don't Know Where To Look For It?


An exclusive selection of hand-picked pieces to inspire you with an Italian experience.
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These products are rarely available online or outside of Italy.
We currently ship to Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, but we are getting ready to reach you worldwide.

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