What is my box from Italy?

My Box From Italy is a journey to discovering Italian history, customs, traditions, and gastronomic treats. With each box, we invite you to explore the culture of Italy from the comfort of your own home.
Every box highlights artistic aspects of life in Italy, from bustling metropolitan cities to the countryside and small villages. My Box From Italy will guide you to lesser-known niches of our country.
You will discover artists creating their wares in the old traditions, flavors that make one's mind instantly feel the warm Italian sun, and stories passed down through the generations.
My Box From Italy's vision is to bring the cultural and artesian aspects of Italy to you; sharing these Italian traditions helps ensure that they don't disappear forever.We carefully choose items we feel will be inspirational to our virtual travelers, transporting them from their living rooms across the globe to our Mediterranean paradise.

Elena & Dina


How does this box work?

Choose your subscription

You can choose the type of subscription! One time only: you will received the box that is about to come out that quarter. Annual subscription: you will receive 3 limited edition boxes per year. 

Get your box

We decide to ship every 4 months, so we have enough time to create each box specially for you. The months that you will receive the box are: April august and december.  


SURPRISE ELEMENT! WE dedicate time and effort to create a truly unique boxe of high value. Just enjoy some of the best products we chose for you!

Why should you get it?

  • You will receive particular and authentic Italian artisanship hand picked for you.
  • You will have fun discovering the different surprise selections carefully chosen for each box!
  • Stay with us to get to know Italy and Italian culture.
  • The perfect Italian gift to share among your family and friends.


We are now accepting orders!!


Are you looking for authentic Italian handcraft, but you don't know where to look for it?


An exclusive surprise selection of hand pick pieces from us to inspire you with an italian experience.
We have 2 different subscriptions. Choose the one that suits you better: annual, or one-time only.

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One Time Box

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Annual Subscription

  • 3 Box Delivered (1 every 4 months)
  • 1 Time Upfront Payment
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*All products are rarely available online or outside of Italy. The price you pay for a BOX will always be lower than the retail value and includes direct shipping to your door. At the moment we only ship to Europe and the USA, we are gearing up to reach you anywhere in the world.

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